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   Quarterly Meeting


  • July 13, 2024

  • 10:15am

  • LOCATION: CC lower park

  • Bandera,  Tx 78063

  • **********************

  • Roll call

  • Reminder to hold comments until open forum

  • Approval of April Quarterly Meeting Minutes

  • President's Report

  • Financial Report   

  • Architectural Report

  • New Business

  • Open Session

  • Announcements:

  •       Next meeting Aug 17, 2024

  • Adjourn

  • The members of the board are:


  • Susan Worwa - President

  • John Zukowski - Vice President

  • Andrew Almand - Treasurer

  • Cara Gibson - Secretary


  • Emails: on Directors page.

  • Meeting Dates

  • Annual Meeting August 17, 2024

  • Oct 19, 2024

  • Jan 18, 2025

  • April 19, 2025

  • July 19, 2025

  • Aug 16, 2025

Events and Information:

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For wristbands contact Julee Kennedy 210-264-5614 or

There is no camping in the parks. If anyone is found camping the sheriff will be called and a fine levied against the property owner.

Please only put house hold trash in dumpsters. If it doesn't fit in a kitchen trash bag, it doesn't go in the dumpters. They can cancel our contract and refuse to offer service to us. Which would lead to each person caring for their trash on their own. Please respect the others in the community by only placing house hold trash in the dumpsters. Thanks

If you need a car removed call: Austin Sajevan 830-955-1561


 The Crossing is open.

There will be no recycling of plastic until further notice. Thanks 1-28-2021


A friendly reminder you are allowed to have these items just try to keep them out of plain site. Unless they are being used. When they are not being used they should be out of sight behind your house, trees, shrubs, a fence, or some other means.


Article VII, Section 10. Boats; Motor Homes states: “No Planes, trailers,

construction equipment, boats, campers, abandoned cars or trucks,

motorboats, houseboats (or other similar water-borne vehicles), motor homes

or “camper” vehicles may be maintained, parked, housed, stored or kept on

or within the properties, except in an enclosed garage thereon, or by such

other means or in such other location as conceals the same from view from

streets and roads; provided that a motor home or trailer may be located on

and used on a Lot for no more than seven (7) consecutive days and no more

than twenty-one (21) total days in any one calendar year.”

Please do not leave trash outside of the dumpsters. Bring it back after it has been dumped. The driver will not put it in the dumpsters. They just leave it all over the park. Please be respectful or the fees for trash will go up or you will have to find another alternative to your trash. Thank you! Abuse of the dumpters could result in them being removed and everyone paying for their own trash. Please take your large items to the dump. It is only six miles away. The dumpsters are picked up on Fridays.


If you can not pay your dues and fees on time please set up a payment plan. Just contact a board member and we can set it up.

All dogs in the community must be on a leash if not in your yard. Thank you!

For the Recycle Bins - The recycle center only takes number 1 and 2 plastics. Please pay attention to the number listed on the item for the container it belongs in. This helps our volunteers greatly!

Please put only plastic with the plastic recycle. Aluminum cans only and no glass. See the Recycle page for info on the number listed on plastic to be recycled.

209 Texas Property Code.pdf

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Connect with community members and get the latest info on the Next Door App for your phone.

Don't forget the River Gauge that monitors the river flow.

Water Alert allows you to receive updatesat any of the sites where the USGS collects real time water information. Daily or hourly updates are sent via email or text message when the current conditions meet or surpass a threshold of concern that you set.

Go to the site and choose a State, data type, and site of interest. Subscribe to the site and fill out the subscription form. Reply to the confirmation email to activate your subscription.

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